Thursday, February 23, 2012

#4 Buttered Rum

Number: 4 0f 175
Date: Tuesday February 21th, 2012
Tea Name: Buttered Rum
Tea Brand: DavidsTeas
Tea Type: Black
Steep Time: 4 minutes ( then 3 minutes the second round)
Steep Temperature: boiling (then a little under for the second round)

This was one of the teas that I got in my big box of samples from LiberTEAs. I was very excited, because it is one I have wanted to try for a bit now. One of my fondest memories of community theater was the Hot Buttered Rum we served during out Holiday Burlesque show, so I was hoping this might echo that flavor.
This tea was the first one to be brewed in my IngenuiTea pot. Separate review on that soon.
It smelled sooooooo good. Took a sip. I could tell it was a little over steeped. I should have been patient and let the water cool a little, but instead just poured the boiling water right onto the tea. I blame the sickness I was suffering from at the time. The brew time was also a little long. The first cup was slightly bitter. I could tell under the bitterness is a very tasty tea. A little spicy, a little coconut, a little sweet.
Since this is based on rum, I added brown sugar and since when I think of buttered rum I think of the worlds most tasty creamy fattening beverage…..I added some milk. I could not fully trust my flavor judgement, as my nose was stuffed up and my taste buds seemed wonky. I enjoyed it as a mediocre cup with a lot of potential.
I had intended to not try the cup again until I was better, but I went ahead and brewed this up again later the same day. I accidentally dropped in a bunch of brown sugar, so I went with it. Added milk. I felt like I am actually drinking hot buttered rum. This is a fine substitute, with just a fraction of the calories. After tasting it, I cannot wait to put in a big order at DavidsTeas. It was amaze-balls. I didn’t think I would ever find a tea I liked more than pancake breakfast by 52teas…..but I found one. So now I have a tea for breakfast and a tea for dessert!
So going to order a huge amount of this tea.

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