Monday, February 6, 2012

Tea #1 Jasmine Phoenix Pearls by Adagio

Number: 1 0f 175
Date: Monday February 6th, 2012
Tea Name: Jasmine Phoenix Pearls
Tea Brand: Adagio
Tea Type: Green
Steep Time: 5 minutes
Steep Temperature: boiling, 3 ice cubes

My husband brought a small container of this home today from work. A coworker of his had purchased it, tried it, and decided it was not for her. I was super excited to start off this journey with a fancy tea. I looked it up on Adagio's website. Super cool. The tea that I sit here sipping was grown by a farmer named Lin Chui Feng who has been growing tea for 62 years. In our modern world of everything made my machines, it is interesting to think that this gentleman and his family grow, pick, process and roll all this tea into little balls that I pop into a pot and steep thousands and thousands of miles away.
Speaking of steeping, this one made a lovely pot. While waiting for the water to boil, I could not stop inhaling the delicious scent of the Jasmine. It was a much lighter and not as fake smelling as the Thousand Mountain Jasmine I have from Teavana.
The little pearls unfurled in the water and it turned a beautiful clear golden yellow color with just a hint of green. The smell coming out of the pot was just as delicious as the smell from the pearls themselves.
The flavor was very light, very pleasant. I added just about a teaspoon of sugar as I like my teas sweetened. The little bit of sugar really brought out the sweet flower taste. It tasted natural, and not artificial. I really enjoyed this one and am thinking that the girl that gave it to my husband may have brewed it to hot or to long, because this tea was much better than the Teavana Jasmine tea.

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